RS-53 (R470A)

Is the world’s ONLY DROP-IN RETROFIT REPLACEMENT for existing R410a systems

  • RS-53 (R470A) has a GWP that is effectively 56% lower than R410A
  • RS-53 (R470A) is the lowest GWP replacement for R410A

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ComStar’s RS-53 has an ASHRAE designation of R470A and is now available in the United States. This revolutionary refrigerant is the only retrofit replacement for R410A in existing systems.

RS-53 (R470A)

RS-53 (R470A) is EPA SNAP approved and A1 ASHRAE certified as non-flammable and non-toxic. The refrigerant does not require design modifications or component changes. RS-53 can operate with existing polyol ester (POE) oils present in R410A systems.

RS-53 is an HFO blend, which is the environmentally friendly alternative to the commonly used HFC blend in other refrigerants. Using RS-53 as a replacement is easy.  Just use the same tools, test instruments, and recovery machines as you use with a R410A system.

ComStar’s RS-53 (R470A) can accommodate state and federal legislation as they phase out high-GWP refrigerants, such as R410A with a 2088 GWP.

RS-53 (R470A) is formulated to be trouble-free and works with all R410A compressors, system components and POE oils. RS-53 has similar properties to R410A, including discharge pressure, discharge temperature, energy efficiency, and cooling capacity. It all adds up to an ideal replacement.

R470A (RS-53) is suitable to replace R410A across a range of applications, including residential, commercial, and larger cooling systems. When retrofitting an R470A system with R410A, ComStar offers the following guidelines:


Ensure the right equipment is available (e.g., recovery unit and cylinders, container for recovered lubricant, vacuum pump, weighing scales, replacement drier, etc.);


Record baseline data to establish the normal operating conditions for the equipment;


Check the manufacturer’s specifications for the unit to find the recommended R410A charge in order to determine the amount of RS-53 (R470A) to add;


Replace the filter/drier;


Having evacuated the system, liquid charge the unit with RS-53 (R470A) up to 90% of the original charge amount of R410A and then compare to baseline data;


Switch on the unit and compare the baseline data, monitor sight glasses, suction line pressure and temperature, and discharge temperature; add additional RS-53 (R470A) up to the recommended R410A system charge amount as needed;


Where a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) is present, and for optimum performance, make adjustments to attain the sweet spot. This is not necessary for residential systems.


Check system thoroughly for leaks; and


Clearly label the system to show it contains RS-53 (R470A).


Governments around the country and the world are moving to eliminate or reduce high GWP HFC refrigerants. As you plan for a future that rewards the lowest-GWP alternatives for your organization’s cooling needs, discover why ComStar is the smart choice.